This Stove For The Developing World Also Charges Cell Phones


Photo: BioLite

Three billion people worldwide cook on open fires contributing to more than 1.5 million premature deaths each year from smoke inhalation. The low-cost, cleaner cooking stove by BioLite provides a simple solution and doubles as a charging station for cell phones and LED lights.  The HomeStove uses a chip called a thermoelectric generator that converts heat to electricity. This, in turn, powers an internal fan that oxygenates the fire for secondary combustion. That fan creates the smokeless fire to generate electricity from the heat of the fire. This electricity is used to cool down the fire and to power a USB enabled charging device, called the Power Module, so electronic devices can also be charged.

The cooking utensil goes on top of the metal stove, while the thermoelectric generator is found in the orange contraption that also contains the USB charger.

No batteries or fuel is required to power the stove, just some spare wood, branches or leaves and a lighter.

The fire lights at the bottom of the stove. The stove uses 50 per cent less fuel than traditional stoves, saving people many hours each week collecting fuel.

The thermoelectric chip inside the stove ensures there's no excess heat or smoke coming out, potentially saving millions of lives per year from smoke inhalation and reducing carbon emissions.

Then the excess heat powers a fan which oxygenates the fire and makes it burn even cleaner.

The Ugandans are impressed by the stove's USB charging function.

The thermoelectric chip allows for phones and other devices to be charged while dinner is being cooked.

The average family in India could save $72 in electricity and fuel each year by using the HomeStove.

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