Biodegradable Plastic Bags Aren't Good For The Environment

plastic bags birds

PG&E overestimates its solar power, which hurts solar providers. [Greentech Media]

Electricity demand was down in March, the 8th straight monthly decline. [EIA]

Mexico is running out of oil at a key oilfield. [Calgary Herald]

There’s not enough money being saved to safely dismantle old nuclear reactors. [AP]

Once we see a draw down in distillate oil stocks we can see real recovery. [FT]

Asbestos contaminated Montana town receives $230 million in EPA aid. [CNN]

Analyst: First Solar could be best seller in 2009, but will be knocked off in 2010. [PV Tech]

History of High Concentration Photovoltaics company GreenVolts [Greentech Media]

4 reasons that California doesn’t have a feed-in solar program. [Earth2Tech]

Senate approves plan to get 15% of our energy from renewables. [Reuters]

We have a lot more natural gas than we thought. [NYT]

Biodegrable plastic bags do more harm than good. [Guardian]

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