Bing Search Share Rises Modestly In July

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Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing gained share i the search market for the second month in a row. A good trend, but nothing that is going to make Google (GOOG) nervous yet. And neutral to modestly negative for Yahoo (YHOO).

ComScore released its July search query data today, JP Morgan’s Imran Kahn says in a note. It says:

  • Google’s share was 64.7%, down from 65.0% in June
  • Yahoo’s share was 19.3%, down from 19.6% in June
  • Bing’s share was 8.9%, up from 8.4% in June

This means Bing has gained 90 basis points of market share in two months — or a 11% market share gain. This is not terrible, but not a remarkable success, given how much Microsoft has been advertising it. Bing was supposed to be a big game-changer for Microsoft, and so far, it isn’t. We’ll have a better idea of Bing’s longer-term success in a few months.

Meanwhile, Yahoo’s share is falling — no longer stable. That’s not good, as Yahoo will only get revenue from Bing searches performed on Yahoo, per our understanding of the deal. Therefore, it needs to grow share, and can’t afford to lose searchers to Microsoft. (As we noted earlier, fixing its mail service is crucial for that.)

Standard disclaimer: This is one report from one source — not gospel.