Bing's Beautiful iPad App Blows Google's Out Of the Water

bing for ipad

Photo: Screenshot

Bing finally has an app on the iPad. And it makes Google’s seem boring by comparisonThe Bing app isn’t so much a search tool as an attractive multimedia centre for news, movie trailers, and trending topics.

When you launch Bing, you’re greeted with big, beautiful photos just like you see on There’s a navigation ribbon on the bottom for viewing stocks, search trends, and more in well-designed micro sites within the app.

The built-in browser is excellent. You never have to leave the app to view a web page, and you can swipe left or right to return to your search queries.

We can see this app quickly becoming a go-to portal for the web on your iPad. Check it out in the Apple App store. Click below to see some beautiful photos of Bing in action.

The home screen has big, beautiful photos, just like You can conduct searches from the bar at the top left of the screen.

Search results start loading as you type. We like this two-pane view with search suggestions on the left and results on the right.

Tapping a search result takes you to the website from Bing's built-in browser.

Here are the trending searches from yesterday. You can tap each photo to view related links. Swiping to the left will review popular searches from previous days.

Here are the related links from one of yesterday's popular searches. Tap a link to read the story.

We really like the movies tab. You can check nearby show times and watch popular trailers. Tap on one of the movie photos to watch a clip.

Movie trailers stream within Bing's app.

The news tab has a nice ribbon view of the day's popular stories. You can tap each one to read the story.

News articles also show up in Bing's browser.

The Maps tab takes advantage's of the iPad's GPS and lets you search for addresses and venues.

The Weather tab displays current conditions and forecasts in this nice ribbon view.

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