Amazing Frontline Special Shows Everything Pakistan Does To Aid The Taliban

Frontline spent the previous six months investigating the work of Osama Bin Laden, and the men who did his bidding.

The information in the video below is high quality and the time and effort Frontline spent digging around in Afghanistan and Pakistan really shows. Here are a few highlights:

  • The CIA is running Afghan kill units, called counter terrorism pursuit teams that hunt down targets in Pakistan
  • The teams are very well paid, well trained and well armed to hunt down targets issued by the CIA
  • Working inside Pakistan part of their goal is to stop Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, from crossing the border into Afghanistan
  • The Pakistan military is said to be working with Al Qaeda, “complicity.” Pakistan adamantly denies this
  • Frontline found Taliban move freely around Pakistan
  • Taliban leaders say they are dependent on sanctuary in Pakistan and a Taliban leader said he and his men live in Pakistan and fight in Afghanistan
  • The Taliban insist that they are dependent upon Pakistan’s Inter-Service (ISI) Intelligence agency for fighting the war in Afghanistan
  • When the ISI began arresting more terrorists, the Taliban claimed they were being played and complained to the Pakistan authorities
  • The number of drone strikes has increased dramatically since President Obama took office, implying large increase in intelligence gathering

  • The drone program is said to have killed 1300 militants in the past two years

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