Bin Laden Wore Cowboy Hats Because He Loved Westerns ... And Hated Drones


A Pakistani government report obtained by al Jazeera earlier this week taught us new details about the life and habits of Osama bin Laden.

Among the most interesting revelations from the report was that the Islamic radical who devoted his life to destroying America liked to wear cowboy hats.

According to a biography on the Bin Ladens, Osama grew up watching classic television westerns like “Bonanza” and “Fury.” He even learned to ride horses on his father’s ranch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, according to a report in Market Watch by Jeremy Olshan.

But nearer the end of his life, when he became the head of al Qaeda and the most wanted man in the world, he would pace the courtyard of his secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan with a cowboy hat on his head. He thought the wide-brimmed hat would shield his identity from U.S. drones or satellites.

In true western fashion, he died in a shootout.

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