Comedian Billy Eichner And Seth Meyers Accost New Yorkers On The Street In Funny Emmys Segment

Comedian Billy Eichner burst into the mainstream during last night’s Emmy Awards.

The creator and star of Funny or Die’s “Billy on the Street” (which now airs on Fuse) teamed up with Emmy host Seth Meyers for a special edition of “For A Dollar,” a segment from the relatively niche series.

“Billy on the Street” follows the format of a typical “on-the-street” game show except here, unknowing contestants win a $US1 prize if they agree with Billy’s hilarious take on pop culture.

Hilarity ensues when Eichner gets emotional and aggressive towards the strangers he finds on the streets of New York City and their subsequent reactions to being accosted are amazing.

The video killed it with the A-list Emmys audience in the room.

It’s worth a watch below:

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