Comedian Billy Eichner Calls Out Burger King Commercial For Stealing His Schtick

Billy eichner seth meyers emmysNBC/YouTubeBilly Eichner took his famous man-on-the-street segment to this year’s Emmy Awards.

Billy Eichner is famous for his Fuse and Funny or Die show “Billy On The Street,” in which the comedian, often accompanied by a celebrity, yells questions about pop culture at unsuspecting people on the street.

Eichner was even featured doing his famous schtick at the Emmys this year.

But now it appears Burger King is trying to get in on Eichner’s act.

In a new commercial, an actor who looks like Eichner but isn’t as funny yells at kids on the street about BK’s new chicken nuggets. Watch below:

After seeing the new ad, Eichner tweeted:

Eichner’s celebrity and comedian friends were quick to come to his defence:

Eichner was moved by the suport:

Then even McDonald’s chimed in!

Watch a recent “Billy on the Street” webisode with Amy Poehler below. Do you think Burger King copied the comedian?

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