Ref forces Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor off the field for concussion protocol one week after Cam Newton controversy

One week after the NFL came under fire for letting Cam Newton stay in a game after multiple hits to the head, Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was forced from a game on a hit in which he never looked fazed.

The moment came late in the third quarter of the Bills’ Thursday night contest again the New York Jets. 

Taylor scrambled up the middle and took a big hit from several defenders. It did appear that Taylor’s helmet came ajar. Hower, he immediately popped up and returned to the huddle.


What came next is something that has maybe never been seen before in an NFL game.

Referee Ed Hochuli approached Taylor in the huddle and told him he had to leave the game to be evaluated for a concussion. 

To no surprise, Taylor was shocked and resisted, but did relent.


Taylor was evaluated on the sideline and missed two plays. After a break for the end of the third quarter, Taylor returned to the field to start the fourth quarter. However, he threw an interception on his first play back.

In the NFL’s opening game, Newton took several direct hits to the helmet, but was never directly evaluated for a concussion. Rather, after one of the hits, the NFL says Newton was evaluated on video during a delay in the game.

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