The Bills are trolling the Patriots by selling air pumps at their stadium

The New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills have been taking shots at each other in preparation for their Week 2 game on Sunday.

Bills coach Rex Ryan has been pumping up Bills fans, saying he expects it to be the loud in Buffalo on game day. Bill Belichick said it won’t be loud because the Patriots will be controlling the game

The Bills Twitter account fired back:

As Lauren Hall of News 4 Buffalo reported, the Bills are bringing the trash-talking to a new level now, selling air pumps in their team store at the stadium in an obvious reference to Deflategate.

As Hall noted, they “just happen” to be on the store’s feature display.

Jason Klein, the store manager told Hall, “Just in case anybody needs to inflate their footballs, we have equipment to do that. If you’re out in the parking lot and you’re throwing the football around and it happens to be deflated, we’ll go ahead and take care of that for you.”

Hall also posted a picture of fans preparing for the matchup:

With the amount of trash talk going back and forth, this is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated games of the weekend.

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