The Bills and Colts' 'Snow Bowl' produced some incredible and fun images

Brett Carlsen/Getty

The Buffalo Bills beat the Indianapolis Colts, 13-7, on Sunday in what’s been dubbed the latest “Snow Bowl.”

Buffalo, New York, reportedly received up to 17 inches of snow, and despite the field crew’s efforts to clear the snow beforehand, it kept on coming down during the game.

What resulted was a run-heavy slug fest that produced some incredible images. Take a look at some of our favourite photos below.

Players tried to prepare themselves beforehand for the cold three hours to come.

Bryan M. Bennett/Getty

“Warming up” may have been tough to do.

Bryan Bennett/Getty

Pregame festivities took on a new image in the powder.

Brett Carlsen/Getty

Teammates looked even more unified than usual with the lack of visibility.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty

Fans still came out in droves.

Brett Carlsen/Getty

And Bills players seemed to be having fun, too.

Bryan Bennett/Getty

The action looked blissful from afar.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty

At times, players looked like they were up to their necks in the snow.

Brett Carlsen/Getty

Other times, they looked completely buried.

Brett Carlsen/Getty

Field workers had to blow off snow so referees and players could see the yard lines.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty

What a catch!

As conditions worsened, it at times created a sense of isolation on the field.

Brett Carlsen/Getty

Aiming must have been difficult.

The snow exploding off the players made hits look even more dramatic.

LeSean McCoy’s breakaway run to win the game looked laborious through the snowy field.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Now, take a look at who might become future NFL stars…

Jonathan Bachman/Getty

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