To a billionaire, the cost of a trip to Bali is like buying a candy bar — here’s what spending looks like when you’re that rich

For a billionaire, paying one-year tuition at Harvard is like spending $US46 for the average American. Shutterstock/Netfalls Remy Musser
  • Billionaires view money differently than the average person – in more ways than one.
  • The typical billionaire could easily afford to spend $US80 million each year, while most Americans earn less than $US60,000.
  • We crunched the numbers and found the value of $US1 for the average American equates to $US1,355 for the typical billionaire.

Imagine if a trip to Bali cost you as much as a candy bar. Chances are you’d invite all your friends on vacation, and maybe even foot the bill.

That’s reality for the typical billionaire, relatively speaking.

The median household income in the US is $US59,039 a year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With only about 2,000 billionaires worldwide, it’s difficult for the rest of us to fathom the power wielded by a 10-figure net worth.

Business Insider crunched the numbers to see how the spending power of billionaires and average people compares on a dollar-to-dollar basis.

The median fortune of a Forbes list billionaire is about $US2 billion. A conservative 4% annual withdrawal rate would bring their income to about $US80 million a year.

At that rate, the value of $US1 to the average person is the same as $US1,355 to a billionaire. That means the stomach pinch you feel when you drop $US100 on something is how a billionaire feels when they spend $US135,500.

Below, check out the real cost of 12 purchases, and the relative “cost” for someone with a $US2 billion fortune.