Billionaire Sex Offender Sues Scott Rothstein For Lying About $200 Million Settlement Offer

rothstein RRA

“Just when it might have seemed that alleged wrongdoing related to the spectacular downfall of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler could not become more bizarre, a billionaire convicted sex offender has filed a civil racketeering lawsuit against two onetime partners of the South Florida law firm.”

Thus begins Martha Neil’s article for the ABA Journal about jailed Florida now-former attorney Scott Rothstein, and really, there is no other way to begin.

According to the complaint, plaintiff Jeffrey Epstein is a defendant in three civil actions alleging sexual assault filed by Rothstein’s former firm. The complaint alleges the RRA attorneys lied about the facts of Epstein’s case to support their Ponzi scheme.

The suit says that Rothstein and other RRA lawyers said Eptstein had offered a $200 million settlement. Epstein said no such offer was ever made.

The complaint alleged the defendants filed false court documents, improperly intercepted conversations and followed litigation strategies designed to aid their scheme, rather than what was in their clients’ interest.

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