A 'billionaire' Nigerian couple gave brand new cars worth $24,000 to guests at their lavish wedding

Nigerian weddingInstagram/ceosayavethinteriors_and_hotelEhi Ogbebor and Kenneth Oboku are apparently a Nigerian power couple.
  • Nigerian interior designer Ehi Ogbebor and business man Kenneth Oboku got married in Benin City, Nigeria on November 18 in an incredbily lavish affair.
  • Guests were even given brand new cars and microwave ovens as souvenir gifts.
  • The wedding party partook in the African tradition of “spraying” the bride and groom with $US100 bills.

Nigerian interior designer Ehi Ogbebor married her oil and gas tycoon “billionaire” partner Kenneth Oboku in an extremely lavish affair in Benin City, Nigeria on Saturday.

While the wedding came complete with a huge, multi-layer cake and a ritual that saw guests spray the newlyweds with money, the most extravagant features were easily the souvenirs given to guests.

The couple gave away two brand new Toyota cars in a raffle draw.

Similar models to the ones pictured above retail around $24,000.

For those that weren’t lucky enough to win a car in the raffle draw, other gifts were handed out, including these microwave ovens.

Ogbebor is a mother of two and CEO of Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel. Nigeria Today reports that she became an Instagram sensation when she shared the news of her engagement, having got divorced 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Oboku reportedly holds a senior position in Italian oil and gas company Saipem, according to The Nation. He is also a billionaire, according to Nigeria Today.

Their big day took place at the Esteem Event Centre in Benin City, Edo State at 2pm on Saturday, November 18.

The bride, along with plenty of other guests, shared photos of the lavish ceremony on Instagram with the hashtag #ehiken2017.

There was a very elaborate wedding cake with multiple tiers made by Lagos-based Doodles Cakes.

The wedding also involved the African tradition of “spraying” the newlywed bride and groom with dollar bills…

…Leaving $US100 notes everywhere.

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