WATCH: Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian's Fiancé Got Him A Flash Mob For His 95th Birthday

Kirk Kerkorian, the Las Vegas real estate magnate and billionaire, got the surprise of his nonagenarian life Wednesday, according to Forbes.

And no, it wasn’t another lavish hotel.

Kerkorian’s 59-year-old fiance, Joan Dangerfield, arranged a flash mob for Kerkorian’s 95th birthday. Dangerfield set up the surprise pretty well, pretending that she had the wrong key for the couple’s private bungalow to keep Kerkorian near the lawn where the mob was about to start. Then, a mob rushed in and danced to “To Know Him Is To Love Him” by The Shirelles.

Kerkorian is left speechless by the gesture, obviously pretty surprised the turn of events.

Watch video of the flash mob below. Dangerfield has a cute monologue at the beginning, but skip to 0:56 if you want to see the good part.

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