OFFICE TOUR: BillGuard, Saving Consumers From Credit Scams One Charge At A Time

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BillGuard, a personal finance security company which monitors credit card complaints, is trying to harness the collective power of consumers to identify unauthorised charges and suspicious companies. See BillGuard’s offices >

The company, founded by Yaron Samid and Raphael Ouzan, combines social media, big data mining, and financial transaction information to improve consumer protection. The service, which is free to consumers, monitors credit card and banking activity and reports alerts to its users when a faulty charge occurs.

By combining information from a growing number of users and mining it, BillGuard is gathering and analysing a wealth of data on credit card fraud.

With a headquarters and research and development base in Tel Aviv, Israel, BillGuard has been expanding its US operations. The company recently raised $10 million in a second round of funding and we stopped by their shared office in Wurk Environments’ Times Square property.

The company's New York office is located near Times Square on Broadway.

In the Viacom Building

1515 Broadway

The interior is modern chic.

Stylish waiting area

And this is BillGuard co-founder Yaron Samid.

In the office, a shared board room for meetings.

It even has a bar in it.

Around the corner is an area with table and another bar space for events.

As well as a water bar, offering lime and lemon infused options.

The whole design is sleek and modern.

As is the company's plan, make consumers safer by harnessing their collective knowledge.

At work in their New York office, Samid with Justin Singer (left) and Justin Bonar (right).

Co-founders Yaron Samid (right) and Raphael Ouzan (left). Raphael manages the tech and development side of things in their office in Israel.

And here is a picture from their office in Israel, the team out there is bigger than the one in New York.

Another view of the office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Back in New York, the office is situated in sight of the headquarters of some of the world's largest banks.

And because it is right in Times Square, they spend a lot of time brainstorming and meeting out of the office.

Discussing ideas as they walk.

The BillGuarders watch over the city's financial consumers.

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