New Bill Simmons Website Will Be 70% Sports, 30% Pop Culture, 0% ESPN*

Bill Simmons Signs a book

Photo: kumasawa

UPDATE: Make that three employees. Lane Brown is leaving New York magazine to join up as well.EARLIER: It has no name, no launch date, no editor, and just two employees, but Bill Simmons is getting close to launching his new website, intended to be a mix of sports and pop culture.

The only two writers he’s (officially) hired so far are Chuck Klosterman and Katie Baker, according to Sports Business Daily.

And while the site will be fully owned by his bosses at ESPN — the ability to start this spin-off was a big part of Simmons’ last contract negotiation — it will not have any ESPN branding on it.

Simmons tells SBD that the site will be 70% sports and 30% pop culture and rely mostly on a rotating cast of freelance writers chipping in at various times. The launch is “later” this spring.

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