Bill Simmons’ new HBO show, ‘Any Given Wednesday,’ will debut in June

After months of minimal details, we finally know more about Bill Simmons’ TV show with HBO.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simmons’ show, “Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons,” will premiere on June 22.

The half-hour show will air on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET as part of a 20-episode season that focuses on sports, pop culture, with guests, field reporting, and Simmons’ “signature commentary.”

Simmons stated in HBO’s announcement, “I’m excited about the show, I’m excited about the title and I’m really, really excited to drop my first F-bomb on TV. We are going to figure out nudity down the road, as long as it’s tasteful.”

Since his falling-out with ESPN, Simmons has re-upped his podcast “The Bill Simmons Podcast” with HBO to great success and announced his website “The Ringer,” which will partner with Medium.

HBO programming president Michael Lombardo said in a statement, “Bill Simmons represents a unique and distinct voice with a proven track record of challenging the norm and igniting debate and discussion on a wide range of topics. We are excited about the concept Bill and his team have developed for this show, which takes advantage of Bill’s intelligence, talent and insights.”

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