Bill Simmons Is Leaving ESPN's NBA Countdown And Getting His Own Show

Bill Simmons has been on ESPN’s NBA Countdown for the past three seasons, but Jason McIntyre of Big Lead Sports reported that Simmons is leaving and getting his ownspot called, “The Grantland Basketball Show.”

ESPN made an official announcement Tuesday afternoon with details of the show.

“The Grantland Basketball Show” will being on October 21, at 8 PM, and there will be 18 episodes that air on ESPN throughout the NBA season and playoffs.

Simmons will be the host of the show which will feature a “lively discussion about a variety of NBA topics.” Grantland contributors and other guests will join Simmons on the show each week.

Simmons sat alongside Sage Steele, Jalen Rose, and Doug Collins last season for NBA Countdown. His replacement on the show is unknown. Simmons will keep his other responsibilities at ESPN including his Editor- in-chief position at Grantland and his co-executive producer position for ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary series.

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