Bill Shorten started a national conversation about the right way to eat a sausage

The hashtag #DemocracySausage has been the top trending topic on Twitter in Australia all day, as voters enjoy the sausage sizzles at polling stations around the nation.

Labor leader Bill Shorten has been visiting polling stations around the country and triggered consternation on social media when he was photographed chomping into his tasty snack at a 90-degree angle.

“The taste of democracy,” Shorten said after his controversial bite.

Twitter is known for being something of an echo chamber, and on this issue there was hive-mind consensus: that’s the wrong way to eat a sausage.

He was also photographed along Labor candidate for Reid, Angelo Tsirekas, who took a more conventional approach.

People across the political spectrum disagreed on many issues through the campaign, but Shorten has hit on something on which Australians are united.

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