O'Reilly Reacts To Obama Interview: Obama Has A Thinner Skin Than Bush

Obama Interview

Bill O’Reilly called in to Fox News Monday morning to give his preliminary reactions to his live interview with President Obama last night.

“I got my questions in. I was suitably confrontational,” O’Reilly said about his own performance.

He added that he didn’t read too many of the blogs “because a lot of those people are mentally ill who write them” but from what he had sampled of the blogosphere following his interview, reactions were on par with what he predicted.

Despite the President saying in the interview that “to get here you have to have had a pretty thick skin,” O’Reilly said that he thinks the President “still has a thin skin.”

“Unlike President Bush, who I asked the same question to a few weeks ago, who really, sincerely didn’t care about what anyone thought of him, I think President Obama does.”

Regarding Obama’s answer that the worst part of the job for him was that it was difficult not to be “able to have a spontaneous conversation with folks,” O’Reilly said “you could spin it that he’s self-absorbed, I wouldn’t do that….I sympathize with him a bit.”

“Some people could say he’s a self-centered guy. I don’t disagree with that,” O’Reilly added. “But “I didn’t think the answer was callous.”

“If Obama has a weak point, it’s that he doesn’t have enough dissent around him.”

An additional 10 minutes of the interview will be aired tonight on O’Reilly’s show.

Video of O’Reilly’s call-in to Fox News is below.

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