O'REILLY FACTOR: "Bill Maher Doesn't Have An Ounce Of Courage."

Bill Maher

A match made in viral video heaven.  Though this will only be worth it if it ends in an actual face-to-face showdown.

Last Friday Bill Maher once again attacked Bill O’Reilly for his Super Bowl interview with President Obama, with one guest labelling the interview as “bigoted.” 

Last night, O’Reilly’s guest Bernie Goldberg responded by saying “Bill Maher fancies himself the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce” but that he “doesn’t have an ounce of courage.”

“It’s embarrassing but it’s worse than that. It’s irrational. It’s almost clinical insanity. Look, people could watch the interview and say ‘I liked it, I thought he asked good questions’ and they could say, ‘I didn’t like it. I didn’t think he asked good questions.’ But you have to be out of your mind to find racism in that interview. Which they clearly did.”

Goldberg has a point.  He also blasted Maher for labelling O’Reilly as unpatriotic after Maher had made repeated attacks on George W. Bush over the years.  Again, Goldberg has a point.

“Bill Maher actually should offend anyone with a shred of decency. You don’t smear somebody as a racist, when there is obviously nothing there. But, because we live in a different America where can you say just about anything and get away with it, nothing will happen to him.”


Video below

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