Once Again, Reddit Hijacks A Fox News Poll And Declares Landslide Victory For Jon Stewart

o'reilly reddit

The votes are in: Jon Stewart kicked Bill O’Reilly‘s butt in their showdown.

Say who?

Says O’Reilly’s own website.

Wait, what?

Amazingly, 79% of the 72,145 votes cast in a poll on the Fox News pundit’s site favoured Stewart’s argument regarding Common’s invite to the White House.

How is that possible?

Blame Reddit.

The internet message board sent thousands of voters to skew the poll numbers, claiming a fun little victory in their ongoing war with Fox News.

The influx of voters gave Stewart the win in every state. There is a lot of red on that chart to the right, almost certainly the only time you will see the colour associated so closely with the Daily Show host.

(By comparison, almost every other poll on O’Reilly’s site has less than 10,000 votes.)

It is not the first time the internet community of merry pranksters has used their influence to game the system.

In a February 2010 poll, almost 400,000 votes (88.5%) were cast saying that the Tea Party was a “fruitless mix of racism, conspiracy theories,” leading one message board to claim “Reddit Loonies Hijack FoxNews Poll.”

So score one for the Reddit community, although the Republican party probably has better things to worry about, like when “disrespectful Libertarians hijack CPAC poll.”