POLL: Bill O’Reilly Is The MOST BELIEVABLE Person On All Of Television


A new poll out of Boston’s Suffolk University reveals that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are the most trusted names in news.  

By a lot. 

More that a quarter of those polled believe that Fox News is the most trustworthy, and 9% say that Bill O’Reilly is the most believable (from a list of 28 choices).

This result is perhaps somewhat less surprising when you consider that O’Reilly has long been the most-watched person on cable news (you don’t stay on top for that length of time for no reason). 

But as Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research centre tells US News, it also demonstrates that “the network news have completely lost their brand.”

Indeed.  Though the fact the network newscasts are slowly dying is not exactly news.  However these numbers likely demonstrate a somewhat larger shift than that. 

Much to the chagrin of the MSM, journalistic “objectivity” — long proclaimed to be the ultimate goal of any news organisation –no longer engenders an audience’s trust. 

Judging by these numbers, the audience wants to know exactly where its news source is coming from; transparency equals trust not objectivity.  And more than any other network out there, Fox News is clear about its bias.

Here’s the rest of the breakdown: CNN clocked in second at 18%, NBC at 10%, MSNBC fourth at 7%, CBS and ABC tied at fifth with 6%.  On the anchor front CNN’s Eliot Spitzer and NBC’s David Gregory each received just two votes. 

Below Fox News commentator Bernie Goldberg discusses the results with O’Reilly.


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