Bill O'Reilly's time slot at Fox News already has a new look and a new name

Bill O’Reilly’s old time slot on Fox News had a new look and a new name on Wednesday night, hours after his departure was announced.



The O’Reilly Factor, for now, is simply “The Factor,” dropping O’Reilly’s name from the show’s branding. Fox News’ Dana Perino sat in on Wednesday night. Tucker Carlson is set to permanently take over the 8 p.m. time slot.

Fox News dropped the commentator after a “thorough and careful review of allegations against him,” according to an internal memo obtained by Business Insider.

O’Reilly was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women at Fox News. He and the network ultimately paid $US13 million to settle with five women over the course of several years, according to an investigation by The New York Times published earlier this month. Since then, another unnamed woman at Fox News came forward to accuse O’Reilly of sexual harassment this week.

Due to the allegations, a slew of companies dropped their advertisements from O’Reilly’s program, which ultimately became a precursor for the popular commentator’s fall from grace. Before and after the accusations, O’Reilly remained one of the most popular commentators on cable news.

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