BILL O'REILLY: 'I Respect CNN, They're A Very, Very Good News Gathering Agency'

oreilly cnn

Along with every one else who saw the HLN clip Bill O’Reilly was apparently amused by Nancy Grace‘s extreme disbelief that the radiation hitting the West Coast of the States as a result of the Japan nuclear crisis wasn’t extremely dangerous.

O’Reilly used Grace’s moment of panic to tell viewers that he was “very proud” of the way the Factor had “covered the Japanese nuke thing”:

“We did not hype it, we did not go into the land of speculation.”

This in contrast to…CNN.

“CNN did quite frankly, and it paid off for CNN.  They’ve now passed MSNBC in the prime time ratings.  They have done very well, running around, are we all going to be mutants, this, that, the world is ending.”

Before you ask, that’s as close as O’Reilly got to the Harrigan/Roberston blow-out from earlier this week. 

But then he concluded on a rather surprising note:

“I respect CNN, I think they’re a very, very good news gathering agency…but I don’t like the hype.”

Fox News meets the high road?  Vid below from Mediaite.


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