Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck Have A Jolly Old Time Mocking The China State Dinner

Laughing Beck

Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck had a grand old time last night making fun of the official State Dinner given in honour of China this week.

Beck has been railing against the dinner on his show for much of the week, but last night brought out the funny (ish…actually he sort of sounded like a blander Jon Stewart).

Beck: “If you were going over to somebody’s house that owed you a ton of money… you’d go down a level from what you could afford. Because you wouldn’t want them to sit there, because you have to say, ‘Look man, we’re really struggling, we really need some more money.'”

O’Reilly: “This dinner raised to deficit by about 30%!”

Beck: “I did like the attendees, not that we’re pandering at all: Jackie Chan, Yo Yo Ma, Vera Wang. It’s like, ‘We have Chinese people here! What? We’re just like you! Hey, Wang Chung is going to perform in just a few minutes.'”

O”Reilly: “And then they finished it off with old fashioned apple pie with vanilla ice cream, ok? Now this is like, Michelle Obama’s telling everybody to slim down? This is 90,000 calories right here!”

Video below

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