Bill Nye The Science Guy Delivered A Very Awkward Performance On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Bill Nye The Science Guy made his “Dancing With The Stars” debut Monday night and exposed the audience to a “Weird Science” routine complete with smoking beakers and a lab coat.

It was hilariously awkward, but still had fans chanting his name.

The dancing starts at 1:50, but the whole video — including Nye meeting his partner for the first time and explaining the difference between a beaker and a flask — is pretty painful to watch.

Nye even acknowledged that he might blow it, saying, “we’re going to produce a ‘cha-cha’ experience like you’ve never seen, and it will fill you with joy. Or it’ll be sort of an unwatchable minute and eight seconds.”

Looks like it ended up being the latter.

Their performance earned Nye and his partner a 14 out of 30 score from the judges.

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