WATCH: Bill Maher Gets Heckled For 2 Minutes On Live TV By A Member Of His Audience

Bill Maher Kevin Smith

Last night on his weekly HBO show Bill Maher was having a friendly argument with his guest Tavis Smiley about whether or not Muslim women were treated worse than American women.

Maher said they were, Smiley said that sexism still exists in America so we are not better, which Maher called a “false equivalency.”

In the midst of the spirited debate¬† a random member of the audience interrupted and began shouting something that sounded like, what Maher called, a “prepared speech.”

“Bill, don’t you see what Hellfire missiles do to Muslim women? Just last week you continued to reify the lies about 9/11.”

Alas, the heckler did not get a chance to really explain what he meant before the guards showed up to drag him out (to the show’s credit, they never actually gave the heckler any screen time). The heckler then started shouting, “That’s battery. If you ask me to leave, I will leave on my own accord. Do not touch me. That’s battery.”

He also threatened to call the police.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who was also on Maher’s panel, wanted to know if this happens a lot.

“Oh, yes,” said Maher. “I once had to go into that crowd and throw a guy out myself. And I think I might have to do it again.”

Maher seemed more amused than angry by the whole incident, and even tried to find some common ground with the man who tried to take over his show.

“And that, by the way, had nothing to do with what we were saying. Yes, obviously that’s another issue which we could debate. I might even be on the man’s side, about how much we should be having drone attacks against Afghans.”

Hooray for live TV.  Video below.

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