BILL MAHER: Not Only Is Bill O'Reilly Unpatriotic, He's Also A 'Dick'

maher o'relly

Bill Maher is not backing down.

Maher made no secret last week about his feelings on the interview Bill O’Reilly did with President Obama before the Super Bowl, even going so far as to question O’Reilly’s patriotism.

He addressed it again on his show last night calling it “very disrespectful.”

Author Hooman Majd, who was a guest on the show, even called some of the questions “bigoted”:

“When he asked him if he knows football. I mean if I was the President I would have said, ‘F*ck you, get out of my house.'”

Maher even went so far as to label O’Reilly as a “dick.” 

“I cannot imagine George W. Bush giving a pre-Super Bowl interview to Keith Olbermann. And then if Keith Olbermann treated him like that? Interrupted him over and over? Leaned over like it was a bar? I thought he was going to ask him to get some mother f*cking iced tea.”

[Ed note: Oh, please.  Maher is staring to sound like the liberal’s Sean Hannity.]

Matthew Perry, who was also a guest on the show said: “O’Reilly is so egomaniacal… he’s more interested in his opinion than anybody else’s, obviously. But he even showed it that he’s even willing to show the President that in his presence. It was really off-putting and bad.” 

Video below

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