Bill Keller Quits His Terrible, No Good NYT Magazine Column

Bill Keller’s post-NYT-executive-editor life will be a bit simpler: He is giving up his column in The New York Times Magazine.

Keller, who was supposed to pen roughly 30 columns per year for the redesigned Sunday publication, will focus solely on op-eds.

The move can’t be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

Keller’s columns – such as the Twitter one – drew ire from the general public and his own reporters. (Additionally, as WWD reports, he had a correction rate of 41.6%. )

Keller sounds pleased by the move. “Op-ed has greater licence to have opinions, and a day-before deadline,” he said.

And really, this needed to happen. For us, the column two weeks ago was the final straw. It wasn’t the topic – although, eesh – it was the fact that the diatribe against staffers writing books felt like a staff memo. Keller made good points in the essay, but they were completely irrelevant to 99% of the reading audience.

That’s not what you want in an FOB columnist. We look forward to seeing if he can connect better on a day-to-day level.

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