Retired US Marine Writes Scathing Letter To Naval Academy About Women In Combat

DVIDSHUB | FlickrIt’s been roughly four months since the Pentagon cleared women for combat roles. In that time, we’ve heard many arguments — some say women already fight, while others say not quite like the way infantry does.

Above all, from within the ranks there’s been a call to maintain training standards, regardless of gender.

One Vietnam-era Marine Lieutenant Colonel recently voiced his opinion in a letter to the Naval Academy.

Mark Thompson of Time’s Battleland posted Bill Hemingway’s letter today.

Here’s the specific part about women in combat:

Women are wonderful human beings, however, no matter what laws, executive orders or directives are passed, the sexes will never be “equal.” (No man is capable of birthing a child.) Let us not forget that there is a natural phenomenon between men and women that cannot be ignored.

The introduction of women into close, intimate, stressful and dangerous situations for extended periods of time has a price. Not infrequently there are battlefield conditions that require extraordinary physical strength and exertion. It is an incontrovertible physiological fact that very few women measure up to their male counterparts in this important combat requirement. Women are as capable as men in performing many military support functions. It is in these non-combat areas where we should utilise their irrefutable capabilities.

The Marine Corps is running a pilot program for women in Infantry Officer’s Course in Quantico. So far of the few female applicants willing to take the course, none have passed.

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