This Comedian Is Replacing Robert Downey Jr. As The Voice Of Mr. Peanut [THE BRIEF]

Bill HaderBill Hader

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Bill Hader, recently known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, is the new voice of Mr. Peanut. He’s replacing Robert Downey Jr., who decided not to renew his contract. Hader’s voice can be heard on radio ads and  the viral site

Droga5 is in charge of creating Google’s Motorola ad campaign.

Bridgestone Tires, which regularly appears in the Super Bowl, ended its seven-year relationship with The Richards Group. It will now be working with Publicis Dallas.

The Department of Health is instilling new rules regarding how brands can market unhealthy foods, particularly to kids.

The FTC’s new online privacy regulations pertaining to children officially went into effect July 1.

Digiday rounds up unexpected brands that are good at going social.

This infographic looks at whether or not consumers actually believe what advertisers have to say.

Clemens Brandt returned to BBDO after less than a year of trying his luck at B-Reel. He’s now BBDO’s director of digital operations.

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