Bill Gates Wants To Stop Hurricanes*

bill gates confused 3

Bill Gates has a plan to stop hurricanes before they hit land, PCWorld reports.

Gates and 12 other inventors filed a patent application for water alteration structure applications and methods.   

The “structures” here are barges that will pump cold water from the ocean’s depth and create a wall to block the hurricane. Warm temperatures power hurricanes, and so cooling the water will, in theory, break or lessen the impact of the hurricane.

The project is a brainchild of Intellectual Ventures Lab, an invention lab founded by ex-Microsoft executives.

In response to criticism that humans should not be allowed to alter the environment, a member of the lab said on its website:

This type of technology is not something humankind would try as a “Plan A” or “Plan B.”  These inventions are a “Plan C” where humans decide that we have exhausted all of our behaviour changing and alternative energy options and need to rely on mitigation technologies.  If our planet is in this severe situation, then our belief is that we should not be starting from scratch at investigating mitigation options.

Read the patent application here.

Update: TechFlash writes to tell us that they reported this story before PCWorld did. Read their articles here and here.

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