Bill Gates On Collapse Of Mainstream Media: 'It's A Serious Problem'

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Bill Gates likes reading the New York Times (he recently tweeted out a piece about Polio) and has submitted what he likes to call “notes” to the Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages.

San Francisco Chronicle editor at large Phil Bronstein asked Bill if he worries some of his favourite newspapers will “disappear.”

From the SF Gate: I think it’s a serious problem. There are obviously good things happening. That anybody can publish, that overall is a very good thing, the fact that you can search and find things is a very good thing. In the video realm, there was such a limited portal for video things to get out, like educational videos and things, my son and I do a lot of science trips, my daughter and I do a lot of trips, the amount we can inform ourselves before we go really is mindblowing.

Gates gives shoutouts to organisations like ProPublica — nonprofits that are covering the important stories other struggling publications can’t afford anymore.

But Bill adds that fewer journalists are covering his own charity organisation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. There’s “some meat, some really good stuff, that is starting to be cut, and under what economic model will that be maintained?”

Good question, Bill.

Read the entire interview at the SF Gate >

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