Bill Gates Sings The Praises Of MIT

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Bill Gates just wrote an op-ed in the Boston Globe singing the praises of MIT.

As he points out, MIT isn’t just a great engineering school, it’s also a great entrepreneurial school, in the broad sense of the term. It’s not just that MIT graduates disproportionately go on to start companies, it’s that MIT itself keeps innovating, with initiatives like the OpenCourseWare, putting thousands of courses online for free.

What’s interesting is that the op-ed isn’t arguing for anything in particular. Most op-eds are written to advance some cause or other, but this seems to be just a gratuitous gesture by Bill Gates to say how cool MIT is, which in itself is pretty cool. Gates isn’t even an MIT alum, though he took a few classes at MIT when he was at Harvard.

Top angel investor Chris Dixon called MIT a “national treasure” because his SiteAdvisor and Hunch co-founder Tom Pinckney was able to attend despite lacking a high school diploma, because he sent universities a sample of his computer code. All the other top engineering schools turned him down, but MIT took him in.

This is the kind of stuff that makes MIT an exceptional school.

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