Bill Gates Has Started Posting Stuff On Reddit

Bill Gates with warren buffetBill Gates, waiting for an upvote.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has started posting stuff on Reddit.

As you can imagine, his links are popular and already attracting a lot of comments.

But his links are leading back to his own web site, which is a technical violation of Reddit’s rule against hyping your own stuff. Reddit has banned publications in the past when it has caught authors and employees voting for their own material.

Gates’ two Reddit links so far lead to The Gates Notes, a web site Gates publishes about books, education, energy development and health.

His first one was a “Today I Learned” item:

TIL that humans and domesticated animals now outweigh all wild terrestrial vertebrates by an order of magnitude.

His second was a link to a video chat he did with author Vaclav Smil, who wrote the book “Harvesting the Biosphere: What We Have Taken From Nature.”

How much of the Earth are humans consuming? It’s a huge question. My favourite author tried to answer it. (sorry for the repost)

Yes, that’s the creator of Windows apologizing for a double-post.

Gates isn’t actually a stranger to Reddit. Five months ago he did an “Ask Me Anything” session on the site.

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