Bill Gates Can't Sell Microsoft Stock Fast Enough

Bill Gates is trying to cash out his Microsoft stock fortune to plow more money into his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Alas, Gates is so wealthy, it could take him years to unload it all.

New York Post: THE burden of wealth is getting heavier for Bill Gates. The 52-year-old mogul can’t seem to cash out his Microsoft stock fortune fast enough to transform himself into the powerful philanthropist he wants to be while he’s still relatively young.

At the current rate that Gates has been unloading shares – mainly to enrich his charitable foundation – he’d be 64 before he sells his last Microsoft share.

In August alone, he sold $350 million in shares – but it barely scratched the deep pot of stock currently valued at $20.3 billion…

In 2007, he sold 80 million shares, and this year nearly 64 million shares have been emptied from his portfolio, leaving a total of 794 million shares to be sold while his clock ticks away.

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