Bill Gates Says He Would Pick Up $US100 If He Found It On The Ground

Bill Gates is doing an Ask Me Anything Q&A on Reddit.

To publicize it, this promo video came out in which he answers three teaser questions of sorts.

We were most intrigued by Gates’ answer to a rather innocuous question: If you saw a $US100 bill on the ground, would you pick it up?

Gates says in the video that “all my thoughts about money were formed at a time when $US100 really was a substantial amount of money. If it’s lying there, maybe it belongs to somebody and you ought to find it for them and return it to them. It’d be nice. They’re probably fairly distraught about having dropped it.

“But I would pick it up and give it to [The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation] because there, $US100 actually buys quite a bit.”

Watch the full video and get answers to the other two questions below.

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