FLECKENSTEIN: Nothing Will Change Until Change Is Forced Upon Us By A Crisis

Bill Fleckenstein

In an article for MSNBC, Bill Fleckenstein says it is time for investors to face the truth.

Where our current path is taking us has been predictable for quite some time, and I think that continues to be the case. Unfortunately, we have elected officials who are completely incompetent, if not criminal, and the Fed is even worse. None of that is going to change until change is forced upon us (i.e., them) by a crisis. So while events seem to play out at a glacial pace, where we are headed couldn’t be clearer.

To Fleckenstein, the economy is broken due to the stock and housing market breakups. Inflation is also rampant while he considers the majority to be “in denial” about how real inflation currently is.

Just because house prices have collapsed and certain products that folks buy, especially those heavily laden with technology, are cheaper does not change the fact that we are experiencing inflation, and that the environment is really one of stagflation. It is obvious, as are the consequences.

Read Fleckenstein’s whole piece at MSN.com.

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