Bill De Blasio Set To Make Acting Debut

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will make a cameo as himself on CBS’ “The Good Wife” next month. De Blasio discussed the appearance during a press conference Tuesday and, according to a transcript of his remarks distributed by the mayor’s office, declined to reveal any details about his role.

“I certainly cannot give away the substance of my role, that would violate the omertà of the Good Wife. Does anyone get that reference? Anyone? I thought it was pretty good,” de Blasio joked. “I cannot comment in any way, shape or form on what is happening.”

De Blasio went on to say he and his wife were “deeply obsessed” with “The Good Wife.” He also told the assembled reporters he is excited to have them see his work on the show.

“It was an extraordinary experience to meet these cast members that have become like family, we have watched them so long,” said de Blasio. “It’s a fantastic show, and I look forward to you seeing my attempt at acting.”

De Blasio’s appearance on “The Good Wife” airs March 16.

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