De Blasio Trolls Upper East Side On The Daily Show, Says He'll Unleash Locusts On The Neighbourhood

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio went into his first appearance on The Daily Show swinging.

“I just wish we’d done a better job getting that snow up to the Upper East Side,” he said.

Residents of the affluent neighbourhood complained that city cleanup crews — no longer under the management of one of their own, billionaire Michael Bloomberg — had ignored the “snow-torn” area during recent winter storms.

De Blasio apologized for their inconvenience the first time, but after storms two and three the Mayor seems less willing to entertain their complaints.

“Under Mayor Bloomberg, 12 years, never snowed once,” host Jon Stewart joked.

“I think he paid the right guy… he had the money,” de Blasio retorted.

After bantering about filling Mayor Bloomberg’s “teeny tiny shoes” and how City Hall is reacting to Che Guevara posters everywhere, Stewart asked, “what else can we do to the Upper East Side?”

“We have an experimental effort to get locusts up there,” de Blasio joked.

Upper East Side, consider yourself nationally trolled.

Watch the video below:

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