Forget Andrew Luck, This Guy Is The saviour Every Terrible NFL Team Wants

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Photo: AP

While the NFL’s worst teams are hell-bent on winning the Andrew Luck lottery, the biggest offseason prize in pro football will be legendary coach Bill Cowher.Cowher left the league to go into TV in 2006, but we’re starting to hear rumblings that 2012 is the year he’ll make his comeback.

Yahoo! Sports reported that Cowher has already “planted seeds that he would like to return to coaching.”

Fellow CBS studio guy Dan Marino told the Miami Dolphins brass that Cowher, “is geared up for a return,” Yahoo! also reported.

Peter King of SI is also hearing Cowher could come back, reporting, “I talked to a source very close to Bill Cowher, and he told me money will have nothing to do with Bill Cowher’s decision. It will only be about what place gives him the best chance to win.”

This week rumours heated up that the Dolphins are making a hard play for him.

We’ve been down this road with Cowher, only to have him stay retired in season’s past.

But given that NFL insiders are already coming out and saying the former Steelers coach is ready to return, it seems probable that he’ll be back on the sidelines in 2012.

So what’s it mean?

It means that the team that lands him will get a big boost, maybe even bigger than whoever gets Luck.

Coaching is probably the biggest single factor in determining the success or failure of an NFL team. And Cowher proved his coaching chops in Pittsburgh.

He’s a better bet to turn around a franchise than Luck is, and it’ll be interesting to see where he lands when the coaching attrition begins after the season.

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