Bill Cosby likely to face another deposition in Janice Dickinson case

Bill cosby

Bill Cosby could be deposed yet again, this time in the defamation lawsuit filed by Janice Dickinson in May.

Dickinson, a former model and “America’s Next Top Model” judge, filed the suit following statements made by Cosby and his former lawyer, Marty Singer, in which they called Dickinson a liar for accusing Cosby of drugging and raping her in 1982. An LA Superior Court judge ruled Monday that Cosby can be deposed.

According to the New York Times, the deposition will focus on “whether Mr. Cosby and Mr. Singer knew or should have known that the statements made in Mr. Cosby’s defence were false.” The deposition has not been scheduled, but the judge said the deposition should occur before November 25.

“We are very gratified that [the judge] agreed with us that their deposition should be ordered,” Dickinson’s lawyer told the Times.

According to a statement from Cosby’s lawyer, Cosby’s legal team intends to appeal the decision.

“[The ruling] was legally incorrect and deprives Mr. Cosby of a right well-settled under California law to have his motion to strike heard before unnecessary, expensive and burdensome discovery,” his lawyer said.

Cosby is currently facing two other defamation cases and more than 50 women have accused him of sexual assault and misconduct, but he has yet to be charged with any crimes.

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