Bill Clinton criticises Trump while speaking to small community newspaper

Former President Bill Clinton did not mince words when asked over the weekend by the editor of a small New York newspaper for his thoughts on President-elect Donald Trump.

The editor of the Bedford-Pound Ridge Record Review, a community newspaper in Westchester County, New York, bumped into Clinton at a bookstore where the former president proceeded to give candid answers to a series of election related topics.

One man asked Clinton if he thought Trump was smart, to which the former president said “he doesn’t know much.”

“One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him,” Clinton said.

Pointing to FBI Director James Comey’s letter about Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server just days ahead of the election, Clinton said it “cost her the election” and “we were seven [percentage] points up” before the letter was made public.

The former president also criticised the response from Trump regarding the role of Russia’s meddling in the election process. Reports indicated after the election it was the assessment of US intelligence agencies that Russia intentionally worked to help elect Trump.

“You would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognise what was going on,” he said.

Clinton also brushed off Trump’s claim that he won the election in a landslide by defeating the former secretary of state by a 306-to-232 margin.

“Landslide?” Clinton said. “I got something like 370 electoral votes [in 1992]. That was a landslide.”

But in their post-election phone conversation, Clinton said Trump came across as cordial and incredulous “like it was 15 years ago” when the two men were in the same social settings.

Clinton also shot down a suggestion of President Barack Obama nominating Hillary to the Supreme Court before leaving office, saying “anyway, I don’t think she’d want it.”

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