Bill Clinton responds to Hillary health rumours: 'Big deal, she had pneumonia'

Bill Clinton brushed off wife Hillary Clinton’s recent bout with pneumonia when he appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Thursday.

“Big deal, she had pneumonia – people get get it all the time,” Clinton told Trevor Noah.

Hillary was forced to leave a 9/11 event over the weekend due to dehydration. It was later announced that she had pneumonia.

While Bill said he was concerned after seeing her appear to faint, that was tempered by his certainty about what caused it.

“She had been working hard, she was dehydrated, she had been standing up a long time there,” he explained. “And she wanted to go to that 9/11 event and we both thought she’d be ok. It’s not surprising… 90% of the time, it’s just people are dehydrated. And so I didn’t worry too much about it.”

He then joked about Hillary’s pneumonia diagnosis.

“It used to be called when I was young, walking pneumonia,” he said. “But sometimes, you can’t walk anymore and you have to rest, so that’s what she did.”

Hillary’s pneumonia fed into rumours that she isn’t healthy enough to be president. But she recovered after about four days of rest and returned to the campaign trail on Thursday.

Watch the full interview at the Comedy Central website.

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