Hermitage Capital’s Bill Browder Releases Devastating Video On Corruption In Moscow

bill browder

Hermitage Capital’s Bill Browder has been living in London since 2007, when he was kicked out of Russia for accusing Moscow tax officials of embezzlement.

That’s just the beginning of a complex story, involving the death in jail of Hermitage lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, which boils down to the question of what happened to $230 million that was withdrawn one night from No. 25 tax office. Moscow says it was stolen by criminals. Browder says the money was embezzled by tax official Olga Stepanova and his associates.

And now Browder has proof.

Browder tracked down records of a $11 million payment to Stepanova’s offshore bank account. Stepanova, a minor civil servant, was also building a house in Dubai and Montenegro, while living in a $20 million Moscow mansion.

Browder filed a money-laundering complaint with Credit Suisse and Switzerland’s federal attorney general earlier this year, according to Barrons.

He released a devastating short documentary this week: