Bill Belichick Smiled Last Night, And Now People Are Freaking Out About It

bill belichick smiling at a press conference

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Bill Belichick smiled and cracked a joke at his press conference in Indianapolis last night.Since it’s Super Bowl Week, this caused people to go nuts and ponder the on-field implications for his sudden and dramatic personality shift.

“The fact Belichick was feeling good bodes well for the Patriots entering next Sunday’s match-up against the New York Giants,” Alex Marvez at Fox Sports wrote today.

As the narrative goes, the Patriots were grumpy the last time these two teams met, and that’s why they lost.

“I’ve only been to the last five Super Bowls, but there wasn’t a team that seemed less happy to be there than the ’07 Patriots,” says Gregg Rosenthal at PFT.

But this time, the Patriots are loosey-goosey. So watch out, Giants!

Look, Belichick really might be trying to make sure his team doesn’t feel as much pressure at they did before they were upset by the Giants in 2008. He is, after all, a master motivator.

But the idea that a grin press conference has real meaning for a football game is absurd.