Bill Belichick could reportedly make up to $8 million a year if he became a TV analyst, but it would come with a big risk for whoever hires him

  • If Bill Belichick decided to become an NFL analyst, he could make $US3-8 million per year, according to one report.
  • Hiring Belichick to break down plays could be a risk for networks, however, because it may not translate to engaging TV, in part because Belichick isn’t known as a colourful personality.
  • Belichick doesn’t seem likely to turn to media when he’s done coaching, but if he changes his mind, it sounds like opportunities await him.

On Sunday, Bill Belichick became the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl by helping the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3.

If for some reason Belichick decides he’s had enough on the sidelines, a lucrative opportunity could be awaiting him in the studio.

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According to The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch, three TV agents estimated that Belichick could make at least $US3, and as much as $US8 million per year if he became an NFL analyst. He’s the biggest-name coach perhaps in NFL history, and his genius in diagramming and breaking down the action on the field could make him a hit with audiences.

However, Deitsch noted that there would be a risk for any network hiring Belichick. The 66-year-old coach may be an Xs and Os master, but nobody has ever described him as bubbly or colourful. Though his gruff exterior he shows with the media is often exaggerated, according to Deitsch, if Belichick weren’t lively enough, it would hurt a network.

“You’d win the press release, but an executive could also lose their job if they guessed wrong,” one agent told Deitsch.

Belichick does some form of this now, taking part in a weekly show on the Patriots website where he breaks down the action from games. As Deitsch noted, he can be more engaging and light in these sessions, but there’s no guarantee it would translate to a studio.

Nobody is sure when Belichick will step away from coaching, and it seems unlikely that he would become a media figure when he does. But if he has a change of heart, it sounds like opportunities could await him.

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