Bill Belichick Has A Plan To Fix NFL Overtime

bill belichick before super bowl 42

Photo: YouTube

Bill Belichick was on WEEI radio in Boston this week, and he had some interesting things to say about overtime in the NFL.The Patriots coach doesn’t like the current rules, and says overtime should just be a fixed period with no sudden death element. He said “the best part of the football game is the end of the game,” and argued that NFL overtime takes away from that.

“Put some time on the clock and play,” he said.

New England beat the New York Jets in OT last week. With the current rules, NFL overtime is sudden death unless the team that gets the ball first kicks a field goal on their opening position. That’s exactly what happened last week, but the Patriots stopped the Jets after making their field goal and won.

Here’s the transcript of what Belichick said (you can listen to the whole thing here):

WEEI: Is this the fairest system? Is this the right one?

Well I don’t like it, no.

You don’t like it the way it is now?

No. No because I think the best part of the football game is the end of the game. Whether you take your timeouts, how you manage the game, the last two minutes of the game, getting the ball back, trying to keep the ball away from the other team, whatever it is. I think that combines all the elements of football. … When it’s the first team to score, or however the rules are set, or the way it is in college … that’s not the end of the game.

It’s like basketball, you go and play basketball it comes down to the end of regulation, you’re making three-point shots, you’re fouling, you’re pressing trying to get the ball back. OK great, so now you’re in overtime. It’s the same thing. You get that same strategic element at the end of the basketball game.

In football, we’ve lost that with the rules that we have now.

So would you rather see an extended period? Just one extra period?

Put some time on the clock and play.

Not sudden death?

Yeah play to the end of the game. Put 10 minutes, 8 minutes, whatever we decide.

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